TARAS SHTANKO | @taras_shtanko

Our world is full of strange and beautiful things as well as you.

When I was 19 years old, I found that I have huge passion to art in all ways. Tried many art forms before I came to tattoos. The world of tattoos opened the true vision of art for me. When you combine your skill and vision of tattoos with your client’s wishes and you see what you comes out of it, is amazing.

Before VADERS.DYE I worked in my personal studio, based in Kiev. Now I want to get new, european experiences.


Taras loves to work with clean whip shading technique. It helps to show all the details in his work. Taras uses stippling in a couple of distinct ways. One method places the dot in a decorative formation, creating patterns by alternating between heavy and light applications. Another technique has a more traditional form of stippling, which produces the illusion of three-dimensionality.


Taras is pretty open when it comes to the motif, as long as he is able to translate it in his style. He adheres to the balance of black and white contrast in his work. He will help you to form your own unique design of your future tattoo.


Lettering and minimalistic type tattoo. Taras loves to work on more complex motifs.


Currently you can not arrange appointments with Taras. He will probably take bookings again for the 3rd quarter of 2018 in April. Then you can apply for an appointment with him using our online form. Keep yourself up to date on Facebook or Instagram in order to not miss the chance for an appointment, or register for our newsletter. We can not guarantee an appointment with him, because he gets more requests than can be accepted.


Send to Taras some references or inspiration pics and a short text, that describes what you want.

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