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It is fascinating to look at the body as a canvas, to make it a piece of art and to mark significant stages of life. Tattoos are not only a kind of body jewelry, they tell stories that are eternal under the skin.

Drawing has always been the center of my life. In 2010 I decided to move from Berlin to Hamburg to start my graphic design studies at the Design Factory International. There I started to connect different artistic areas with each other and to develop an own handwriting. For my thesis at the end of 2014, I managed a fictitious concept Tattoo Store. The resulting centerpiece therefrom is a tattoo motif book, which strengthened my passion for tattoos and fortunately lead me to VADERS.DYE. I grew up under the influence of different cultures that has influenced me and strongly reflect my art. Starting with the Tibetan towards the Asian, Arab and Native American art, I found access to a mystical world full of symbolism and metaphor.


Zelina likes jewelry elements, patterns and ornamentations. Cultural tattoos that she can interpret in her own style and mystic tattoos with geometrical forms in the background is also one of her passions, just like floral tattoos and sensual women. Shading is done with dots, called Dotwork.


When it comes to the motifs Zelina is very open as long as she can do it in her style. A balance between sensuality and darkness is welcomed.


It is hard to describe which tattoo motifs she doesn’t like. As long as she can imagine a beautiful implementation she is willing to accept a request. But Zelina dosen’t do geometrical tattoos on the ribs because it is not possible to get a clean tattoo in this area and there are better spots.


YAY! Zelina is taking bookings for the 3rd quarter of 2018 in Berlin! Fill out our online form under GET INKED to get an appointment with her.


Ideally you should have an exact vision of your tattoo.Therefore you can send her inspirations ( tattoos/illustrations ) or mood boards, also what you don’t like.

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