MARÍA FERNÁNDEZ | @mariafernandeztattoo

Let´s gonna make our lifes and bodies a piece of art.


Since I can remember I have always loved to paint, to draw and to create something. When I was 7 I took part in my first watercolor courses to express my passion. Since then, I have focused on learning, studying, understanding and loving of art. In 2005 I started my studies of Fine Arts at the UCM in Spain. In May 2014 I did my master in painting and drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In summer 2013 I discovered the tattoo world and soon I realized how wonderful it is to give people something UNIQUE by using my creativity and art and make them happy. I quickly understood  that there can’t be no better “exhibition space”  in the world as the human body. The skin – always on the move and in eternal change, full of experiences and life – is now my new canvas and tattooing my passion.


María’s style is illustrative and partly decorated with little graphic elements. Usually she works in black and a lot of dotwork so her work appears slightly darker.


When it comes to the motifs Maria is very open. Wether you like portraits, landscapes or floral, she has joy with everything as long as she can put it in her unique style. Mostly she likes to tattoo arms and legs.


María does not tattoo the side of the ribs, hips and the belly. Motifs that are no option for María are pure geometrical motifs, mandalas for it’s own, lettering, mini symbols, wind roses, anchors and dragons.


María left VADERS.DYE in march 2017, to go back to Madrid. But we are sure she will visit us as a guest in the future. All the best to her and her new studio. Keep yourself up to date on Facebook or Instagram in order to not miss the chance for an appointment when she is visiting us, or register for our newsletter.


If you want to get an appointment with María, send her a request with some photos and only little text. Give her as much artistic freedom as possible.

For sleeves and larger projects you can give her an idea or choose a theme e.g. maritime. You gonna plan the design with her together on the appointment. It’s not necessary to discuss the project upfront. María will realize bigger projects only as an arm or leg sleeve.

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